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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Before joining the UW, I was a Wyss Technology Development Fellow at the Wyss Institute and Dr. George Church’s laboratory at the Harvard Medical School. I worked on developing directed evolution methods for designing new proteins and engineering microbial biosynthetic pathways. In my graduate work, I developed computational methods in the Rosetta biomolecular modeling software suite for predicting protein structures at atomic-level accuracy, in the laboratory of Dr. David Baker at the University of Washington, Seattle

Jackie Chen

Graduate Student, Cellular and Molecular Biology Program

Chutikarn Chitboonthavisuk

Graduate Student, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

My research interests: Programming the host range of bacteriophages

Max Frenkel

Graduate Student, MD-PhD program

Phil Huss

Graduate Student, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

My research interests: establishing bacteriophage as a therapeutic and microbial community editing tool.

Megan Leander

Graduate Student, Integrated Program in Biochemistry

My research interests: Allostery, protein dynamics, functional characterization
of mutations, and Michigan basketball.

Xiangyang Liu

Graduate Student, Biophysics

My research interests: Synthetic biology, creating genetic components for regulating various cellular processes.

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Yang Liu

Graduate Student, Integrated Program in Biochemistry

My research interests: Biofuels, redox and pyruvate sensing and manipulation.

Anthony Meger

Graduate Student, Integrated Program in Biochemistry

My research interests: protein design, biomacromolecular structure/dynamics/function relationships, and novel applications of machine learning in computational biology.

Kyle Nishikawa

Graduate Student, Integrated Program in Biochemistry

My research interests: Protein design, metabolic engineering, protein-ligand specificity, ancestral protein reconstruction, protein evolution.

Chun Huai (Alex) Luo

Graduate Student, Bacteriology

My research interests: synthetic biology approaches to change natural biological systems to programmable systems with useful applications.

Ellie Austin

Research Technician

Erik Iverson

Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry

David Salamzadeh

Undergraduate, Biochemistry



Kelly Schwartz, Ph.D Postdoctoral Fellow 

2016 - 2019   |   Current Position:  PPD Consulting

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Delia Scoville, Graduate Student, Integrated Program in Biochemistry

2016 - 2019   |   Current Position: J.D. UC Berkeley Haas Law School

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Mikayla Fernholz, Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry

2018 - 2019   |   Current Position: Ph.D student University of Southampton, UK

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Nicholas Hoppe Research Technician University of Wisconsin-Madison

2015 - 2018   |   Current Position: Ph.D, University of California, San Francisco

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Priti Shenoy Summer Intern Khorana Scholars Program, Pune University


Nora Lelivelt Intern Sun Prairie High School Biotechnology Youth Apprenticeship Program
2016 -  2017   |   Current Position: Undergraduate, University of California-Davis

Hannah Lou Undergraduate Researcher BS - Biology, UW-Madison   

2016 -  2017   |   Current Position (2017): NIH IRTA Postbac at NHLBI

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Sindhu Yarlagadda Summer Intern Khorana Scholars Program Indian Institute of Technology-Madras
2016   |   Current Position (2017): iB Hubs, India

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Department of Biochemistry

441B HF DeLuca Biochemistry Laboratories Building

433 Babcock DriveUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison, WI – 53706

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